The artists

BILAL, graffiti (Iraq)

AL GHAITHAOUI Mohamed Hamdane, painter (Iraq)

MAHER Aziz, calligrapher (Iraq)

CHINARA, painter, photographer (Azerbaidjan)

RAED Al Saraaf, theater and film decor, caricaturist (Iraq)

ZAID,guitarist (Iraq)

AZHAR Mehdi Abd Alkhayat, theater player and writer (Iraq)

AHMED Alsamaraee, drawer (Iraq)

SHALAAN Lazim Alazaam, sculptor (Iraq)

ALI Sabri, painter (Iraq)

JEAN SEBASTIEN Debry, photographer, cameraman (Belgium)

SIAMAK, violonist (Iran)

OMAR El Had, singer (Morroco)

AMMAR Sallah, comedian, painter (Iraq)

NARMIN, painter (Iraq)

HITTINI Mohammed, drummer (Syria)

NASSER Abdallah, photographer (Syria)


Special Guests living in foreign coutries:

EMAD Salehi, painter, cartoonist, drawer (lives in Iran)

Mohammad Maktaby, singer (Syrian, lives in Germany)

Bilal (1991)

Img 9932 2

My name is Bilal. I was born in 1991.

I learned art by instinct. No one teach me that, at the beginning, I was watching some pics and I tried to paint it on the paper then I changed my art style to graffiti because I like it so much. At that time I learned the graffiti from YouTube and I was looking for some kind of fonts for this art and paint it on the papers. And step by step I got my first work and then I made my own font style by myself. When I was in college I worked with the exhibition of arts and just me who can do the graffiti, but no one care and I left it for a short period. So when I came to Belgium I start to do it again. I found a special school for it and I followed the course for graffiti. So it was the first time to do it in a wall, because until now it was only in the paper.

My friends Mustafa and Julie told me about refugees got talent and I was with them from the first step we were working about it and finally we did it and we got many people who interested and some artists who want to be part of the project as well.

For me, I want to do something to show what we feel when we were in our country and what happened with us in our journey: how we felt scared, lost and tired. I want to show our feelings, I want to show our abilities. We have a lot of things to show, we want to let the world know that refugees have many talents. They are like others, they have the same feelings and the most important thing I want to send a message of peace. And finally I'm sure with are helping humanity and I hope we will success to show this message: peace, love and unity.

To living like anybody.

Al Ghaithaoui Mohamed Hamdane (1963)

Img 0754 2

Mohamed est né à Baghdad en 1963, marié et père de trois fils et une fille. 

Il a un master en Sciences Informatiques et en Arts Plastiques, section dessin. Avant de quitter l'Iraq, il était professeur de dessin.

Il a monté deux expositions personnelles et a participé à toutes les expositions organisés par les syndicats des artistes irakiens et par l'association des plasticiens irakiens.

Il est membre du groupe assyrien pour les Arts Plastiques. 


Maher Aziz (1958)

Img 9775 2

Maher est né à Mossoul, Irak en 1958.

Il est marié et père de quatre filles et un fils.

Il a une licence en Arts plastiques (Université de Mossoul 2003). Il est professeur de calligraphie arabe et de dessin à l'Institut des filles des Beaux-arts de Mossoul.

Il est aussi :

- membre de l'association des calligraphes irakiens dans le siège central de Baghdad depuis 1986 et dans le siège local de la province de Ninive depuis 1990.

- membre du syndicat d’artistes irakiens depuis 1986.

- membre de l’association des plasticiens irakiens province de Ninive depuis 2004.

- membre du secrétariat général des artistes et plasticiens de la province de Ninive et chargé du suivi et de l’organisation d'évènements artistiques.


Il a participé :

- à l'exposition annuelle de l'association des artistes plasticiens de la province de Ninive en 2002.

- à l'exposition des arts plastiques à "Chariqua"(Sharjah) aux Émirats arabes unis en 2004.

- au festival et concours de l’Institut des Beaux-arts en Irak en 2011.

- au premier et deuxième concours international de calligraphie organisé par le centre d'études et recherches en histoire et d'art d’Istanbul et au concours Arsika en 2001.

- au sixième et septième festival des pionniers consacré à la calligraphie arabe et à l'ornementation en 2012 et 2013 à Baghdad.


Chinara (1992)

Img 0497 2

My name is Chinara. I was born in 1992 in Azerbaijan.

I start to draw when I was 5 years old. I have not finished any artistic school. It's in our blood. But at home just me I keep this way a hereditary gift. I'm able to do all kinds of art. I want to show the world my life. For me, life is more important than art. My art - it is a way to transfer what happens in life. As long as I go with the flow. Anyway, somewhere yes endure.

My life changed when I came in Belgium as a refugee. I lived in the Red Cross camp. There I met people who supported me very much and despite the difficulties they have helped me continue to draw. Then time to time, I met many people who told me about the "Refugees got talent". There I met Julie, Aurelie, Sophie and with other people.

Here I saw how people related to art, art as they like and how they respect art. Thank you for all that you do for us. And even though there had been difficulties, you continue to help us. I will never forget your kindness. Thanks to everyone.

Raed Al Saraaf (1963)

Img 3705 copy 2

Raed Al Saraaf est né en 1963 à Baghdad en Irak.

Il est diplômé de l'Institut des Beaux Arts section Design.

Dès le début de ses études il travaille comme décorateur de plateau pour plusieurs séries télévisés et pièces de de théâtre. Il fut l'un des plus prestigieux décorateurs du théâtre en Irak.

Il a également occupé la fonction de directeur artistique dans plusieurs court et longs métrages, citons ici à titre d'exemple le dernier long métrage qui a remporté de nombreux prix internationaux "le silence du Berger" (*) ou il a occupé la fonction de premier assistant réalisateur. Le film parle du drame vécu par le peuple irakien durant le règne dictatorial de Sadaam Hussein.

Il a également travaillé comme TV Set Designer et a réalisé plus de 150 projets de ce genre pour différents programmes, rencontres et festivals.

Actuellement il travaille comme caricaturiste et a déjà réalisé plus de 4000 portait de ce genre. Il a donné quelques cours et conférence de dessin en Belgique et souhaite pouvoir enseigner cette matière dans l'avenir.


Zaid (1989)

Img 0106 2

I'm Zaid and I'm a 27 years old Iraqi from Mosul.

I'm an English teacher and a musician. I play guitar and I also write poems and songs.

I started playing guitar when I was 22 and immediately fell in love with the instrument, and it has been my passion since then, although I haven't been able to practice much after I had to leave my country and forced to give my whole time to provide shelter and food for myself.

Luckily, I got back to it in Belgium when I had the opportunity to show the music of my beautiful culture here.

Music is a wonderful thing in life I learned a lot from it and made lots of friendships with people from different countries, cultures and religions.


Ahmed Alisaawee (1991)

635983337569209624 2

My name is Ahmed Alisaawee, I was born in Iraq in 1991.

I'm a painter. The country I came from is a country full of talented artists and people who love art. I loved and felt in art since childhood and Ii was inspired by the famous artist Van Koh especially his artistic painting which one of the most famous paintings of his art (akleel albatata).

I was born with the desire to draw and I wanted to promote my art but the situation in my country didn't help me that much but I don't want to give up that's why I decided to join Refugees got talent to achieve my dream which is to present art for both my country and Belgium. 

Especially in Belgium, I met many people who are interested in art and are really willing to support me and also I want to give the world a beautiful image, a peaceful image about Islam through my art.

Shalaan (1985)

Img 1011 2

I was born in 1986 in Mosul. I began to discover my talent in sculpture at the age of 18 and entered the Institute of Fine Arts and studied at the ceramics department of which I started my career in art and sculpture and later graduated from the Institute.

I was influenced by the artist sculptor Mohammed Ghani Hikmat, Jawad Salim and his most aesthetic and expression and the spirit of art and the artist desire for freedom in the capital Baghdad.

Then I completed my career and entered the Institute of Fine Arts and participated in some exhibitions with my colleagues and our actions undermine pleasing and surprise people, but without support because of the conditions of the country.

I'm here now, I want to give everything I have and give to the idea of linking between modernity and reality in my work, and I thank all those who contributed to help me, without exception. I originally chose Belgium because it is a country concerned by arts and culture. Thanks to all.

Ali Sabri (1994)

Img 1054 2
Who: Ali Sabri
What: Painter
Age: 22 yo
From: Babylon, Iraq 
For some people, the horrifying get-away from their country is the occasion to develop as a person. For example Ali. Ali discovered as a boy the art of painting, and got fascinated by it. But his life in Iraq was too much a survival for him to develop himself as a painter. Living in Belgium is for him an opportunity to become a better artist. “Living also means for me being allowed and being able to express myself in my paintings. When I was 6, my father saw that I had talent for drawing. And so he let me go visit a friend of his, who is a professional artist. Under his influence I immediately started painting very difficult, classical works in order to improve my technique. Once my technique is good enough, I want to develop my own style and be very good at it."
It is primarily the reality that inspires him. "I try not to transform reality, I like what I see around me and I want to put whatever affects me as expressive as possible on the canvas and enter into a dialogue with the person looking at the painting. My paintings show what is going on in my head, both negative and positive things. I love art where you find life itself. That's why I really like to paint people, because every man breathes a different story. In terms of color, it is also a challenge to approach as closely as possible the human skin. Skin is never black or white, it has - like the people I put on canvas - a very subtle palette."
Ali cannot sit still, he is committed to all kinds of non-profit organizations - he is a towering figure in Cinemaximiliaan vzw - and sometimes he wanders through the streets just to be surrounded by other people. "But when I paint, I immediately find rest in my head. It keeps me going."

Jean Sebastien

Fb 20160427 21 37 02 saved picture


Img 0102 2

Omar El Had

Img 1467

Ammar Sallah

Img 0592 2


Wp 20160618 17 36 51 pro 2

Mohammed Hittini

Mohamed hitini

My name is mohamed I am 27 years old.
I am Palestinian.. I came from syria to Belgium as refugee.
I studied law but I didn't graduate because I had to leave my country.
I am a drummer I started playing drums as hobby when I was 19,I learned it by myself no one teach me that.
My friends told me about refugees got talent and there I met julie and sophie and other people who are interested about the music and support us to complete our project.

Abdallah Nasser


Abdullah Nassar,  Syrian ,  1991 ,  photographer.
I had always follow the light reflects, movements, and shadows... wondered how to freeze the moment in  pic!
So I studied Media ,  photography basics and film making in the capital city Damascus,  I worked as wedding photographer,  I improved my skills in videographey and  video editing at my studio till the civil war in my country started,  it was getting worse and worse till now and destroyed my dreams there . 
I came to Belgium in the winter of 2015 seeking for a new beginning ,  hopefully to find better artistic life ,  and to show my art here .
Technical Skills:
Professional filming on Camcrane, Camera man, Video editor , photos editor and photographer.
I hade experience in graphic design.
 Now I have many supports from RGT ,  "a lot of thanks" for the team of this organization.

Special guests from foreign countries


Emad Salehi (1980), Iranian living in Iran

Fb 20160428 23 34 06 saved picture 1

Emad Salehi was born in 1980 in Ahwaz, Iran.

He got a certificate in social responsibility in fine art education services, as well a diploma in graphic and he is Doctor of Business Administration.

In the last decades, among his activities, he had hold and judge some individual caricature display and writing regularly many specialized articles for newspaper. He has held 40 personal exhibitions of paintings and caricatures.

Emad has taken part in more than two hundred collective art exhibitions in different countries. He has been jury member of several international festivals.

As well, Emad has a history of ten years of teaching fine arts at the center of Dubai's modern creativity. He is specialized painting and caricature workshop in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Iran.

Emad has an art workshop and now in his own atelier. He is a very active person.

He has received several prices:

  • Prize for Visual Arts Festival in Iran in 2000 and 2001.
  • Special Award for Caricature Festival in Turkey in 2002.
  • Special Award for Caricature Festival in South Korea in 1999 and 2001.

Mohammad Maktaby (1995), Syrian living in Germany

Fb 20160429 21 35 10 saved picture

My name is Mohammad Maktaby, I am 21 years old. I come from Aleppo to Germany as a refugee 8 months ago. I finished my studies as IT manager in Syria. I start with rap as a hobby in 2010 and since that time... I am a rapper...

One of my songs is the following:


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Bravo pour l'initiative et beaucoup de succès aux régugiés qui ont du talent.
Un seul grand regret : seulement deux femmes parmi les talents ? c'est vraiment dommage que les femmes soient quasi absentes.
ce serait super d'organiser un débat là-dessus avec les artistes réfugiés pour faire évoluer la situation.

  • 59. VANDERMEERSCH olivier (link) | 10/08/2016


bravo pour ce beau site web; j'aimerais être en contact avec Aref Mahmoud Ahmed Salah svp car j'ai une société de lettrage publicitaire et d'enseigne à Bruxelles (sur la marque PANO sign'service) afin d'échanger nos expériences
I do speak in Englsih and I have a friend studying translation Arabic (native) French if necesseray

Olivier Vandermeersch
0471 466 506

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